Write anywhere, but just write

Marcelo Mazza
1 min readMar 27, 2024

I tell myself I keep queuing personal proyects. And postponing them.

I keep writing about how I postpone my projects.

Postpone no more.

Don't get stuck with the tool

I want to write. Let's write.
Even if "evergreen content" [TK: explain or link what this is]
is a nowadays recommendation,

I like to keep date and time of what I write, almost whenever I write.
It's March 27, 2024.

I'd like to speak in Spanish now, but let's keep it English a bit more. I could erase this and edit it, and edit it better, but

when is Enough Editing?

Enough Editing

Just You may know.

Think about what you're trying to say. What's in your head that wants to be expressed.

Don't Get Stuck

But if you get Stuck thinking, just keep writing. That's how you write. That's how I'm writing this. I'm not thinking much about what I'm trying to say.

Because I'll continue this in following articles.

I'd like to write about how I used to spend my time,
How I Got to Love What I Did
How I Got to Hate What I Did


How I'm Trying to
Fall Into Love

Coming soon…

Marcelo Mazza